Reagan National Defense Forum 2023 Highlights

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Admiral Franchetti spoke explicitly about the work of Commander Task Force 59 in the Arabian Gulf as well as the Integrated Battle Problem series of exercises.

As an example of the new systems which the speakers were calling for are the MANTAS and Devil Ray USVs. Their boats have been invited to Pacific Fleet Integrated Battle Problem events over the past several years (and into 2024) due to their usefulness in the high-end fight in the Pacific theater. Maritime Tactical Systems, Inc. (MARTAC) has scaled up its ability to have MANTAS and Devil Ray boats work autonomously. MANTAS and Devil Ray boats (in various sizes) are ideal platforms to be operated in surface swarms.

And during numerous Navy and Marine Corps exercises, experiments and demonstrations, MANTAS and Devil Ray boats have operated with increasing levels of autonomy. Their systems are suggestive of the “future is now” approach being suggested by DoD initiatives like the Replicator project.


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