Next generation autonomous USV

Performs in Environments & Conditions Where Other Manned and Unmanned Systems Cannot

Core Capabilities

  • Flexible configurations in 6’(2m), 8’(2.5m), 12’(3.6m), 24’(7m), 38’(11m) & 50’(15.24m) variants
  • Electric or Diesel/Electric Propulsion, dependent on MANTAS variant size – all independent twin screw systems
  • Next generation ultra-safe Low-Lithium batteries for C5ISR and vessel operations.
  • High-speed surface operation with “burst speed” capability to 80 kts, depending on variant
  • Excellent range at cruise speeds
  • High Precision loitering and station keeping operations
  • Fully autonomous, semi-autonomous and full operator control modes
  • Sensor and communications agnostic
  • Solar Panels for extended endurance and persistence for open ocean operation

Key Features

  • Extended in-field operations with open architecture and modular design allowing for rapid adaptation and integration of sensors, advance communications and improved energy payload
  • Highly reliable systems with waterproof components within the MANTAS hull
  • Optional “Stealth” Mode with a positively buoyant hull to minimize detection and perform “decks awash” operations
  • Performs in environments and conditions where other USV’s are unable due to MANTAS’ high-performance envelope.
MANTAS™ USV is a multi-role catamaran, proficient at performing in open ocean, riverine and inland waters delivering greater mission flexibility than traditional manned systems.


MARTAC™ designed the MANTAS™ vehicles specifically for multi-role autonomous unmanned operation.

  • Coastal surveillance & security
  • Communications relay “under the canopy”
  • Drug Interdiction/ISR/Human Trafficking
  • Mine Countermeasure
  • Anti-submarine warfare
  • Fast boat swarm
  • Electronic warfare
  • Unmanned mobile laser designator
  • Maritime security support
  • Mobile Active/Passive Sonobuoys
  • Port/Harbor Patrol
  • Launch & Recovery of UxVs
  • Riverine ISR & Patrol
  • Special Operation Forces (SOF) “Round the Bend ISR”
  • Ability to be weaponized
  • Bathymetric mapping and asset inspection
  • Anti-Piracy
  • Port and Harbor Security
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Search & Rescue
  • Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Relief (HADR)
  • Transport Logistics – Oil Platform Support
  • Scientific monitoring – NOAA
  • Fisheries monitoring

Maritime Operations

ARABIAN GULF06.25.2022 Photo by Chief Petty Officer Roland Franklin U.S. Naval Forces Central Command / U.S. 5th Fleet on DVIDS (Defense Visual Information Distribution Service)

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Exercise Autonomous Warrior wraps up

Autonomous Warrior 22 (AW22) is a Navy-led Operational Experimentation (OPEX) activity conducted over the period 16-27 May 2022 in the vicinity of Jervis Bay and from several remote sites in Australia and overseas. Conducted against an overarching theme of Remote and Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence (RAS-AI), Autonomous Warrior is the largest unmanned systems OPEX

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