What are MARTAC's Systems?

High performance, flexible Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) Systems

Devil Ray and MANTAS are scalable solutions that
work together to achieve many missions!

MANTAS T12 nested within the Devil Ray T38 to perform complex missions

Devil Ray and MANTAS are COTS Systems with common operating systems. You learn to operate MANTAS, you can operate Devil Ray and vice versa!

Devil Ray and MANTAS operate from the same C2 systems

Devil Ray and MANTAS can be deployed from ship, shore, and air!

Devil Ray and MANTAS have the power and precision to be multi-role!

Devil Ray and MANTAS outperform other crewed and uncrewed systems!

RNZN testing USV operations

Original article posted Australian Defense Magazine by Tim Fish | Auckland | 17 November 2022 The Royal New Zealand Navy’s littoral warfare unit, HMNZS Matataua, has completed trials with an uncrewed surface vehicle (USV).

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Wide open spaces support drone development

How do you know if a “drone” – an uncrewed aircraft, surface vessel or submersible – actually works? And how do you develop a set of laws that ensure the safety of both the people around them and the drones themselves? These are now persistent challenges that the Queensland government has set out to address.

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The MANTAS at Euronaval 2022

Paris – MARTAC, a private U.S. company, displayed its Mantas uncrewed surface vessel (USV) for the first time at the Euronaval trade show, which opened Oct. 18. at Le Bourget, just outside the capital.

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