New US-Europe partnership set to advance USV applications for defense and marine survey applications

Maritime Tactical Systems Inc. (MARTAC) and Subsea Europe Services collaboration combines technology and autonomous survey platforms for new, more efficient marine data acquisition workflows

Hamburg, Germany – Marine technology specialist Subsea Europe Services and Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) innovator MARTAC have signed an extensive partnership agreement for cooperation on the delivery of unmanned and autonomous marine survey platforms.

The partnership unites Florida-headquartered MARTAC’s extensive USV portfolio for defence, commercial and scientific applications with Subsea Europe Services’ hydroacoustic sensors, platforms and solutions expertise, which is available through its established European rental pool, sales and support channels.

The partners aim to make MARTAC’s high-performance USVs more accessible for defence and marine surveying applications in Europe, with Subsea Europe Services providing added value through deep integration between the USVs and its own integrated technologies, which are designed and proven to simplify and optimise marine data acquisition.

The initial focus is on MARTAC’s new fully electric MANTAS T12, a 3.6 metre ‘X-Class’ vessel, mobilised with Subsea Europe Service’s integrated Hydroacoustic Survey System (iHSS). The combination unlocks unprecedented speed, agility and operational capabilities that can transform the marine survey workflow to improve data quality and reduce costs.

The MANTAS T12 is a next generation USV offering new levels of operator control flexibility with full and semi-autonomous, and human-in-the-loop operations. With optional solar power, its open architecture and modular design allow rapid integration of new sensors and communication technologies to meet diverse mission requirements.

The first MANTAS T12 integrated Hydrographic Survey Platforms will be made available for the European survey industry by Subsea Europe Services at the start of 2022.

“The MANTAS T12 is the ideal system for Subsea Europe Services’ to deliver on its ambition of enabling organisations without in-house resources to acquire and extract value from their own marine data by simplifying, standardising and automating marine survey sensors, platforms and solutions,” said Stephen Ferretti, Chief Marketing Officer, MARTAC. “We’re confident of the added value our new partner can bring and looking forward to seeing the MANTAS system perform in European markets.”

The payload flexibility integral to MANTAS vessels reduces the complexity of deploying hydrographic systems and related equipment, paving the way for expedited delivery of turnkey marine survey systems across Europe. Further, the MANTAS system and installed technology are supported by Subsea Europe Services as a single source, ensuring any service issues can be addressed at the solution level for faster resolutions.

“The partnership with MARTAC is an important part of our efforts to bring down the cost of high-quality marine data by making the sensors, platforms and solutions that collect it at sea much easier to access and operate,” said Sören Themann, CEO, Subsea Europe Services. “MARTAC USV’s are highly regarded in defence circles due to incredible resilience, speed and flexibility, so besides working with the European Navies, we’re looking forward to bringing the USV’s and our integrated solutions closer to commercial and scientific users in Europe.”


Subsea Europe Services will configure and integrate survey technologies into an integrated Hydrographic Survey Platform to ensure that the Mantas T12 is easy to operate and has the capability to acquire high quality marine data

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About Martac

Maritime Tactical Systems Inc. is a key innovator in the development and manufacture of Unmanned Maritime Surface Vessels. MARTAC was founded in 2012 and offers a wide range of USV solutions for the domestic and international military, scientific, and commercial markets.


About Subsea Europe Services

Established at the beginning of 2020 with the goal to make it possible for every organisation to collect and evaluate marine data professionally, Subsea Europe Services provides easy access to precision sensors and equipment, complete survey systems, and innovative marine data acquisition solutions as turnkey deliveries with unified technology, platforms and support. The company’s unique ‘sensors, systems, solutions’ capability, enabled through partnership with leading technology innovators is as fast as it is flexible, ensuring availability of the best tools for on-demand and planned marine surveys anywhere in Europe on a rental, sales or uniquely, a subscription basis. While serving a diverse customer base from offshore wind farms to the Navies, Subsea Europe Services continues to develop new solutions that simplify and automate the collection of marine data, including the unique integrated Hydrographic Survey System (iHSS)