USVs Secure Offshore Oil and Gas Infrastructure

George Galdorisi, Marine Technology News | January 23, 2019.

Marine Technology News article explains how MANTAS can be used to effect faster and more complete inspections of offshore oil and gas platforms along with their surrounding bottom mounted pipelines/valves and sensors, while dramatically decreasing the need for human divers.

Anticipating near-term demand from the offshore oil and gas industry, MARTAC is developing concepts of operations (CONOPS) for how MANTAS would be used to help ensure rig security. For example, an operator in the rig command center might have a MANTAS on patrol on a predictable pattern inspecting the rig above and below water. If the USV discovers an anomaly and links the video back in real-time, the operator will be alerted, can switch to remote manual control, and can command the MANTAS to linger in a particular area for finer-grained analysis.

Marine Technology News | January 23. 2019.

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