Navy and Marine Corps’ Bold Alligator 17 International Amphibious Exercise

09 – 13 October 2017 – Camp Lejeune, NC  |

MARTAC participated in the Navy and Marine Corps’ Bold Alligator 17 International Amphibious Exercise in Camp Lejeune, NC in October 2017. Bold Alligator is Marine Corp’s East Coast premiere amphibious force training exercise. 

MARTAC once again joined forces with our autonomy partner Spatial Integrated Systems, Inc. (SIS) during the exercise to demonstrate remote multi-craft (ISR/Swarm) operations. Once all USV’s were in position on the ICW near Camp Lejeune, control was given to the SIS/Bold Alligator Command Center at NAVSTA Norfolk, VA. Multiple MANTAS USV’s were successfully navigated as a “swarm” under the control of the remote command center. As a result, Bold Alligator is the first validated performance of this type of joint autonomous technology in a military exercise.

Multi Sensor operations were also a critical capability required by Bold Alligator. To meet this requirement T12.2 was configured with both a SEAFlir 230 EO/IR camera and a Teledyne BlueView sonar. Video feeds from both sensors were simultaneously streamed back to the Bold Alligator remote command center.

• Gyro Stabilized SeaFLIR 230 EO/IR Marinized PTZ Camera
• Teledyne BlueView M900 Forward Looking Sonar
• Fixed FLIR Duo EO/IR Camera


  • Remote Control of T12.2 from Norfolk, VA
  • T12.2 simultaneously streamed real-time video from both the FLIR 230 camera and BlueView M900 sonar from Camp Lejeune to Norfolk, VA
  • T6.2 streamed realtime video from Camp Lejeune to Norfolk, VA