Northern CA | Army Harbor Security Capability Demonstration

18 – 29 September 2017 |

After successfully completing prerequisite experimentations MARTAC was selected to participate in the Provost Marshal’s Capability Demonstration. Working directly with our partners, FLIR and Teledyne, we were able to bring a comprehensive, above and below water, detection capability. MARTAC completed multiple events per day in both day and night time environments running multiple USV’s simultaneously. Critical to our participation was the successful integration of our USV’s into the ISA network. As a result we were able to stream each USV’s position, course and speed back to the Command Center and displayed on the Common Operating Picture (COP). Additionally, we were able to stream all sensor data back to the command center for analysis by command staff and operators. MARTAC was the only participant to successfully complete this integration which is critical to future Army opportunities. 

Our T12 and T8 MANTAS USVs were deployed in support and augmentation of, the Military Ocean Terminal Harbor Security Boats by providing increased situational awareness and ISR. T8 deployed a small M series PTZ EO/IR camera provided by FLIR. Simultaneously our T12 MANTAS deployed with FLIR’s SeaFLIR 230 PTZ EO/IR camera and Teledyne’s BlueView M450 sonar. As a result we were able to participate in various mission profiles that included waterside patrols, station keeping, channel surveillance, swimmer detection, kayaker detection and pier side surveillance. 

To date this is the most comprehensive event we have participated in. The required integration of sensors, radios, and data feeds ultimately validated that our systems and solutions are highly adaptable and viable as part of the broad harbor security mission.