Thomas Hanson


Mr. Hanson is an experienced manager and technologist having held senior engineering management positions in a number of high tech companies. As Director of Development in a high growth technology company, Mr. Hanson led hundreds of engineers in the development of products that became market leaders and culminated in a $1.1B dollar acquisition. Mr. Hanson has led a number of high profile aerospace projects that dominated their market.

As a technology consultant for acquisitions, Mr. Hanson has analyzed many companies of various sizes and gained insight into factors of success, failure and valuation that he will apply to MARTAC. In addition to his technical background, Mr. Hanson is a management expert and is a principal management consultant for the company he founded, TKI Corporation. Mr. Hanson is regularly engaged to train managers and build high performance teams.

Mr. Hanson is a lifelong inventor with U.S. Patents and holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Massachusetts.

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