Stephen Ferretti

Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Ferretti is a senior manager with a diverse background in sales, marketing and operations for consumer, technology and service companies.  Prior to joining MARTAC, he held senior product development and marketing roles with LoJack Corporation, where he designed, launched and managed a new vertical, LoJack for Motorcycles, and Agero, where he helped to create a new business and subsidiary Recovery Services Inc.  While at Agero, he had extensive experience analyzing merger and acquisition targets and developing new business opportunities. Mr. Ferretti’s background in M&A and business development analysis provides great confidence that MARTAC will follow a successful strategy. Mr. Ferretti has held a number of sales positions and has won top sales performer awards. Additionally, Mr. Ferretti has managed supply chains for fortune 500 companies. Mr. Ferretti has a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Boston College Carroll School of Management.

phone: 508-641-4353
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