Maritime Tactical Systems, Inc. and MSUBS Limited Announce Unmanned Alliance

Melbourne, FL, USA &  Devon United Kingdom – Sept. 23, 2020 – Maritime Tactical Systems, Inc. (“MARTAC”) and MSUBS Limited (“MSUBS”) are pleased to announce they have entered into an unmanned alliance combining MARTAC’s industry leading innovative maritime unmanned surface vehicle (USV) MANTAS with MSUBS’s design, manufacture and operation of manned and unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) ‘submersibles’ and artificial intelligence (AI) for military and commercial markets.

The MARTAC-MSUBS alliance brings together deep skills in high performance USV and UUV technologies to support costumers’ successful unmanned missions.  MARTAC and MSUBS will be exploring how they can leverage their respective unmanned systems to enhance autonomous maritime capabilities for the global military and commercial markets.  MARTAC will also be working with Marine AI, a subsidiary of MSUBS, to integrate their Guardian AI artificial intelligence capabilities into MANTAS TASKER Command & Control (C2) system to provide advanced multi-role common operating picture (COP) capabilities across multiple domains.

MSUBS will also support MARTAC on global sales of the MANTAS System with focus on the United Kingdom and European Union.

The MARTAC-MSUBS alliance is poised to address emerging market needs. MSUBS understanding of Unmanned and Manned Underwater systems and AI architecture is complimentary to MARTAC’s innovative best-in-class high performance MANTAS systems.” said Bruce Hanson, MARTAC’s Chief Executive Officer.  “With a broad combined Unmanned product line and complimentary technologies, this alliance will allow us to drive far greater adoption for our customers.

Entering into an alliance with MARTAC allows us to deliver comprehensive unmanned maritime solutions for our clients. This covers the full maritime spectrum of surface and subsurface mission profiles.” said Brett Phaneuf, MSUBS, Managing Director.

To arrange an interview, contact:

  • Sherry Feusi, MARTAC

+1 321 313 3389

  • Brett Phaneuf,

Managing Director

+44 1752 696069


MARTAC is an innovator in the development and manufacture of Unmanned Maritime Systems.  MARTAC was founded in 2012 and offers a broad product line of unmanned systems called MANTAS to the military, commercial and scientific markets. MANTAS systems are fully/semi-autonomous and full operator-controlled vessels that are scalable from 2 to 20 meters designed to operate Beyond Human Capability.

For more information on the MANTAS portfolio of unmanned maritime vessels, please contact:

Stephen Ferretti                               



MSUBS is an independent company specializing in the provision of Manned and Unmanned Submarines / Vehicles.  MSUBS has been designing, manufacturing, and operating since 1986 for defence, research and commercial survey.  MSUBS just launched the Mayflower Autonomous Ships (MAS), with ProMare, their non-profit marine research and exploration charity and in partnerships with IBM. The MAS is an unmanned ship which will set sail from Plymouth and attempt to complete a pioneering crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.

For more information on the MSUBS capability, please contact:

Brett Phaneuf                                                 

+44 1752 696069                                          

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