• Extended in-field operations with open architecture and modular design allowing for rapid adaptation and integration of sensors, advance communications and improved energy payload
  • Highly reliable systems with waterproof components within the MANTAS hull and redundancy built into the comms architecture
  • Optional “Stealth” Mode with a positively buoyant hull to minimize detection and perform “decks awash” operations
  • Performs in environments and conditions where other USV’s are unable due to MANTAS’ high-performance envelope


Maritime Tactical Systems, Inc. (MARTAC™) has patented a unique class of MANTAS™ next generation unmanned vessels. Our unmanned surface and hybrid vessels are accompanied with a robust Command and Control (C2) system known as TASKER™. Our MANTAS USV enables the coverage of open ocean and littoral waterways with extended on-station persistence capability. Our product line of unmanned vessels can range from 6′ (2m) to 50′ (15.24m) and capable of extreme high surface speeds. Our patented catamaran hull is suitable for surface, subsurface and unaided air drop operations.

Core system components

  • TASKER operational command and control (C2) console
  • Sensor and comms integration platform
  • Launch & recovery solutions to perform full-scale missions/operations in open ocean, riverine and inland waters

Key operational aspects

  • Flexible configurations in 6’(2m), 8’(2.5m), 12’(3.6m), 24’(7m), 38’(11m), & 50’(15.24m) variants
  • Electric Propulsion or Diesel/Electric for larger MANTAS-independent twin screw systems
  • Next generation ultra-safe Low-Lithium batteries for C5ISR and vessel operations
  • High-speed surface operation with “burst speed” capability
  • Excellent range at cruise speeds
  • High Precision loitering and station keeping operations
  • Fully autonomous, semi-autonomous and full operator control modes
  • Sensor and communications agnostic
  • Solar Panels for extended endurance and persistence for open ocean operation
  • Simplified Panels for extended and persistence for open ocean operation

MANTAS Beach Surveyor System


High-performance catamaran unmanned surface vessel (USV) system from 6 to 50 ft

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