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  • October 2017 – KeoKuk, IA – MARTAC Commercial Launches their MANTAS Unmanned Surface Vehicle Mobile Inspection Solution
    Partnering with Ameren, the MANTAS USV Mobile Inspection Platform Successfully Inspected the Keokuk Renewable Energy Center and Dam in Keokuk, IA on the Mississippi River.

    On 10/20/17, MARTAC Commercial, LLC, an innovator in unmanned maritime systems, along with Ameren successfully completed an unmanned hydrographic survey of the Keokuk Energy Center and Dam located on the Mississippi River. With this successful hydrographic survey, MARTAC Commercial is announcing the launch of the MANTAS USV Mobile Inspection Solution for customers who want a safer, highly accurate, and cost-effective means to perform subsurface inspections of their dams, bridges, harbors, pipelines or other maritime structures. Of the company’s recent unmanned hydrographic survey, MARTAC Commercial’s CEO Bruce Hanson said, “The completion of this survey represents a milestone for unmanned maritime systems with results far surpassing what we expected. We successfully navigated the Mississippi River and performed multibeam sonar scans of the dam, powerhouse, ice break and bay – all areas where either divers or manned hydrographic surveyors would have been at risk. We are excited to offer this new capability to the maritime inspection market”.

    Ameren recognized the opportunity that the MANTAS USV Mobile Inspection Solution generates more accurate surveys of the Keokuk Dam when compared to their past use of divers or manned survey vessels. This is possible because the MANTAS USV Mobile Inspection Solution combines a superior unmanned platform MANTAS with Teledyne Reson’s T20 High Resolution Multibeam Echosounder to get extremely accurate views of the dam, river bed, ice break and powerhouse. The maneuverability and speed of the MANTAS unmanned system, along with the easy-to-use TASKER control system allowed users, through MANTAS, to get close to these areas and perform scans in challenging environments. These environments contained currents as high as 12 knots along with violent changes in direction and turbulence around the powerhouse. All of this hydrography was performed in a fraction of time it would take divers to perform surveys while not interfering with dam operations or forcing down time in power generation.

    Scan results showed a high level of accuracy in mapping the structures. Todd Meyer, Consulting Engineer for Ameren Missouri, said “Ameren has found a valuable tool in our subsurface inspection plans. The survey images and bathymetric maps allow us to view the dam and structures as if we were in the water next to them. It also allows us to meet our reporting requirements and address our improvement projects with more accurate information. We will continue to utilize the MANTAS USV Mobile Inspection Solution to survey and develop bathymetric maps of our subsurface assets.”

    MARTAC Commercial, LLC is a subsidiary of Maritime Tactical Systems, an innovator in the development and manufacture of maritime unmanned systems. MARTAC was founded in 2012 and offers a wide range of unmanned vessels and solutions to the military and commercial markets.

    The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

    For more information on the MANTAS USV Mobile Inspection Solution and the MANTAS family of unmanned maritime vessels, please contact:
    Stephen Ferretti

    Conducting Sonar Scan

  • October 2017 – KeoKuk, IA – U.S. Army Corps of Engineer's Lock 19 Bathymetric Sonar Scanning
    The MARTAC Team recently completed a successful bathymetric scanning for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) lock 19 in Keokuk, IA. The lock with a length of 1,200 feet and 110 feet wide is located on the upper basin of the Mississippi River. Over 15,000+ barges transit through the lock annually. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had limited awareness into submerged hazardous spaces both within the lock and neighboring bulkheads. Additionally, gaining insight into sediment levels and buildup was a serious point of interest.

    MARTAC employed the T12 MANTAS outfitted with Teledyne, Inc. RESON T20-P side sonar scanning device to conduct the scans. The U.S. Army Corp of Engineer’s provided access to their Launch and Recovery equipment that streamlined our operational tempo. In the end, the MANTAS T12 scanned the requested infrastructure zone within a two-hour timeframe. Post processing of scanned data revealed valuable awareness of lock equipment condition, sediment levels, and detected debris fields previously unknown by the U.S. Corp of Engineers personnel.

    T12 Conducting Sonar Scan

    Detail View of Sonar Data

  • 09 - 13 October 2017 – Camp Lejeune, NC – Navy and Marine Corps’ Bold Alligator 17 International Amphibious Exercise
    MARTAC participated in the Navy and Marine Corps’ Bold Alligator 17 International Amphibious Exercise in Camp Lejeune, NC in October 2017. Bold Alligator is Marine Corp’s East Coast premiere amphibious force training exercise.

    MARTAC once again joined forces with our autonomy partner Spatial Integrated Systems, Inc. (SIS) during the exercise to demonstrate remote multi-craft (ISR/Swarm) operations. Once all USV's were in position on the ICW near Camp Lejeune, control was given to the SIS/Bold Alligator Command Center at NAVSTA Norfolk, VA. Multiple MANTAS USV's were successfully navigated as a “swarm” under the control of the remote command center. As a result, Bold Alligator is the first validated performance of this type of joint autonomous technology in a military exercise.

    Multi Sensor operations were also a critical capability required by Bold Alligator. To meet this requirement T12.2 was configured with both a SEAFlir 230 EO/IR camera and a Teledyne BlueView sonar. Video feeds from both sensors were simultaneously streamed back to the Bold Alligator remote command center.

    MANTAS T12.2 Sensors

    • Gyro Stabilized SeaFLIR 230 EO/IR Marinized PTZ Camera
    • Teledyne BlueView M900 Forward Looking Sonar

    MANTAS T6.2 Sensors

    • Fixed FLIR Duo EO/IR Camera

    Event Milestones

    • Remote Control of T12.2 from Norfolk, VA
    • T12.2 simultaneously streamed real-time video from both the FLIR 230 camera and BlueView M900 sonar from Camp Lejeune to Norfolk, VA
    • T6.2 streamed realtime video from Camp Lejeune to Norfolk, VA

  • 18 - 29 September 2017 – Northern CA – Army Harbor Security Capability Demonstration
    After successfully completing prerequisite experimentations MARTAC was selected to participate in the Provost Marshal’s Capability Demonstration. Working directly with our partners, FLIR and Teledyne, we were able to bring a comprehensive, above and below water, detection capability. MARTAC completed multiple events per day in both day and night time environments running multiple USV’s simultaneously. Critical to our participation was the successful integration of our USV’s into the ISA network. As a result we were able to stream each USV’s position, course and speed back to the Command Center and displayed on the Common Operating Picture (COP). Additionally, we were able to stream all sensor data back to the command center for analysis by command staff and operators. MARTAC was the only participant to successfully complete this integration which is critical to future Army opportunities.

    Our T12 and T8 MANTAS USVs were deployed in support and augmentation of, the Military Ocean Terminal Harbor Security Boats by providing increased situational awareness and ISR. T8 deployed a small M series PTZ EO/IR camera provided by FLIR. Simultaneously our T12 MANTAS deployed with FLIR’s SeaFLIR 230 PTZ EO/IR camera and Teledyne’s BlueView M450 sonar. As a result we were able to participate in various mission profiles that included waterside patrols, station keeping, channel surveillance, swimmer detection, kayaker detection and pier side surveillance.

    To date this is the most comprehensive event we have participated in. The required integration of sensors, radios, and data feeds ultimately validated that our systems and solutions are highly adaptable and viable as part of the broad harbor security mission.

  • 11 - 15 September 2017 – San Diego, CA – Navy Harbor Security Exercise, Citadel Protect
    MARTAC was invited to demonstrate MANTAS ISR capabilities as part of CNIC's harbor security exercise, Citadel Protect.

    Collaborating with SIS, SPAWAR's Near-shore Unified Tactical Response (NUTR) System and Booz Allen Hamilton, MARTAC participated in multiple ISR patrol missions. Very short staffed due to the impacts of Hurricane Irma, a skeleton crew of essential personnel overcame multiple obstacles to travel cross country to meet our commitment. A MANTAS T8.4 deployed with a FLIR M626 EO/IR PTZ camera repeatedly demonstrated a rapid response ISR capable USV to the harbor security professionals and Service Members participating in the exercise. The T8.4 was expected to autonomously station keep at a predetermined loiter location and respond, on command, to a threat in order to obtain Visual Identification (VID). Once Security Forces responded T8.4 would then maintain contact and stream video back to the command center in real time.

    Due to our reduced manpower T12.2's official unveiling to the Military was limited to a static display. Fully functional we were able to highlight our successful integration of FLIR's SeaFLIR 230 Marinized PTZ EO/IR camera designed for Remote USV operations. To date we are the only known successful integration of the 230 where the command and control unit of the camera is remotely operated without being physically connected to the Camera/Turret.

    MARTAC is sincerely grateful to both our employees and partners who ensured our success at this event.

  • 21 June 2017 – SATELLITE BEACH, FL – MARTAC and SIS Demonstrate Remote Autonomous Formation / Swarming Maneuvers
    As part of MARTAC’s continuing effort to improve and advance the multi-craft autonomous mission performance of our MANTAS USV system, MARTAC has worked extensively with Spatial Integrated Systems, Inc. (SIS) and their SIS Autonomy System (SAS) to provide intelligent autonomous control to these extreme performance vessels. MARTAC engineers collaborated with SIS engineers to design the control interface between SAS and the MANTAS USVs. All of this work was done remotely, with the SIS team working out of their Virginia Beach, VA offices and our MANTAS team and vessels operating out of our MARTAC offices in Satellite Beach, FL.

    Once the interface was designed and thoroughly tested in simulation, the team commenced to prove the on-water operations, with SAS operating from Virginia Beach with a remote IP connection to multiple MANTAS craft operating in Florida, a distance of over 650 miles. Following the launch and stationing of four MANTAS craft, by MARTAC, using local Mission Control Consoles, control of the four vessels was transferred to SAS, which then directed them to arrange themselves into a formation for transit to a series of waypoints. During the transit, SAS optimized the route of each MANTAS to achieve both relative formation positioning and the most efficient path to the waypoint.

    There are multiple applications of this technology to the Port Security and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) mission sets, providing platforms that are constantly vigilant while keeping humans out of harm’s way. This type of cooperative autonomous control is completely new and revolutionary, and it allows teams of robots/drones to work together intelligently in the same manner as their human counterparts, allowing for task completion even when faced with varying environmental and physical challenges or barriers. Whether four vessels or forty, autonomous swarming is a powerful technology.

    The above effort was self-funded as part of each company’s efforts to provide field proven technology to our customers.

  • 06 April 2017 - Naval Recognition (France) Sea Air Space 2017 Online Show Coverage - MARTAC MANTAS USV
    SAS 2017: MARTAC Showcased its low-profile & extremely high speed MANTAS Mini-USV
    During the Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space 2017 exposition held last week near Washington D.C., Maritime Tactical Systems (MARTAC) from Melbourne, FL. and their partner Booz Allen Hamilton were showcasing their MANTAS MAN-portable Tactical Autonomous Systems.

    During Sea Air Space 2017, the company conducted a live demonstration: Controlling a MANTAS USV located... miles away in Florida from their stand at the exposition near Washington DC... More information - Navy league Sea Air and Space

  • 06 April 2017 - Defense One Article selects MARTAC's MANTAS as one of the coolest drones at Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space Exposition 2017
    The Five Coolest Drones from America’s Biggest Naval Arms Show - Author: Patrick Tucker
    "New drones above and beneath the waves will change the way navies sail and fight in contested waters."

    If Batman had an ocean drone, it would probably look like the Man Portable Tactical Autonomous, or MANTAS, robot from Maritime Tactical Systems... More information - Navy league Sea Air and Space

  • January 2017 - Marine Technology (mt) Magazine Article on MARTAC's USV/UUV Capabilities
    Transitioning from USV to UUV - Author: Jack Rowley
    Maritime Tactical Systems Inc. (MARTAC) adds hybrid USV/UUV capability to its autonomous MANTAS USV. was recognized there are USV missions that may require a shallow depth UUV capability and it is on those missions that we decided to initially concentrate. By setting the depth at 10m, these other USV/UUV missions could be met...Download the complete article

  • 15 December 2016 - MARTAC's Participation in RIMPAC 2016
    Pearl Harbor, HI

  • October 2016 - Marine News Article on MARTAC's Propeller Design Capabilities
    Overcoming the Propeller Supply Bottleneck - Authors: Don MacPherson and Adam Kaplan
    Maritime Tactical Systems Inc. (MARTAC) is a Florida-based company building next-generation unmanned vessels for military applications. In preparation for the “Rim of the Pacific” (RIMPAC) military exercises in Pearl Harbor this last July, MARTAC needed a new propeller design for their MANTAS series highspeed vessels. Download the complete article

  • 08 July 2016 - RIMPAC/Trident Warrior: Coastal Riverine Force Gets Training on MANTAS.
    Pearl Harbor, HI - RIMPAC/Trident Warrior - PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii (July 8, 2016) Bruce Hanson of MARTAC, Maritime Tactical Systems, gives an overview of the Man-Portable Tactical Autonomous System (MANTAS), the next generation unmanned vehicle and control systems to Sailors assigned to Coastal Riverine Force (CRF) Three at Ford Island during Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2016 Read More: DVIDS

  • 30 June 2016 - RIMPAC/Trident Warrior: MARTAC Supporting Multiple Events Throughout World's Largest Maritime Exercise.
    Pearl Harbor, HI - RIMPAC/Trident Warrior - The world's largest international maritime exercise, RIMPAC provides a unique training opportunity that helps participants foster and sustain cooperative relationships that are critical to ensuring the safety of sea lanes and security on the world's oceans. RIMPAC is hosted by U.S. Pacific Fleet and executed by U.S. Third Fleet in the Hawaiian operating area. RIMPAC 2016 is the 25th exercise in the series that began in 1971. Read More:

  • 26 May 2016 - Military Technology Magazine, SOFIC 2016: MANTAS for Maritime ISR
    Tampa, FL - Military Technology Magazine - MARTAC Maritime Tactical Systems presents a man-portable tactical autonomous System (MANTAS) for unmanned maritime surveillance. The products shown at SOFIC are pre-series production, the system will be available from November on. There are no export restrictions, so they can be sold worldwide... Read More: Military Technology Magazine

  • 03 May 2016 - MARTAC CEO Bruce Hanson Presents at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2016.
    Atlanta, GA - Improvise, Adapt, Overcome: Rapid Repurposing Drones - Historically many assets of the military were single purpose based on the objective of bringing large amounts of force, men and material to win. In the age of irregular warfare, globally distributed threats and non-state actors, solutions are needed that are smaller in scale, fast to deploy and highly adaptive to a range of missions. Unmanned technology which began as a replacement for “dull, dirty and dangerous” work can provide a new level of adaptability through “multi-purposing”. What if you had a portable drone that could transform in minutes to support dozens of missions? We will explore the possibilities. Read more: XPONENTIAL 2016

  • 13 April 2016 - MARTAC and Booze Allen Hamilton (BAH) conduct successful integration and demonstration of Undersea Power and Data Station (uPODS) at Trident Warrior
    San Diego, CA - ABC 10 News KGTV - U.S. Third Fleet worked with Maritime Tactical Systems, Inc. (MARTAC) and Booz Allen Hamilton... It is just one of 41 experiments in a program called Trident Warrior, which the Navy will test this summer Read More: Trident Warrior 2016 UPODS Experiment (ABC 10 News KGTV)

  • 12 Aug 2015 - MARTAC Introduces Florida's 8th District Congressman, Bill Posey, to MANTAS
    Melbourne, FL – Congressman Posey and his staff were able to participate in a hands on demonstration of MANTAS T6 USV and the TASKER C2 Suite. MARTAC was privileged to get some of the Congressman's time and insight as to the importance of keeping technology companies thriving in his district, and how important it is that his district make direct contributions to our Military capabilities. Congressman Posey's Web page

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