Operational capabilities

• High Speed & Endurance
• Surface & Submersible
• Rapid & Stealthy Deployment
• Rough Seas & Inland Waterways
• Scalability & Quantity
• Wide area coverage

For submersible versions:

•Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW)
•Mine Counter Measures (MCM)


•Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief (HADR)
•Oil Platform Support
•Port and Harbor Security
•Search and Rescue


•Border Security
•Communication Relay “Under the Canopy”
•Drug Interdiction/ISR/Human Trafficking
•Fast Boat Swarm
•Unmanned Mobile Laser Designator
•Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO) Support
•Maritime Security (MS)
•Mobile Active/Passive Sonobuoys
•Port /Harbor Patrol
•Unmanned Launch and Recovery of UAV’s
•Riverine Operations
•Special Operations Forces (SOF)  “Round The Bend” ISR
•Ability to be weaponized

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